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Quinta de Santiago

Quinta de Santiago

The company Nenúfar Real, aims to be a link between the past and the presente. From the past, we collect the legacy of generations that have commited with soul and wisdom to the Alvarinho wine culture. To enhance that konwledge, where the added know-how gave origin to such a rich heritage, it is something that we want to preserve. The roots from that past gave glory to the Quinta de Santiago’s wines, produced by the third generation f the family, in this centennial Quinta. Considered as na unique terroir from the region, thanks to its unique soil, to the priviliged sun exposure, and a sustainable viticulture, the wine produced here transmit that know-how and human richness, that with determination and soul, essencially with a feminin orientation, gave form to the dream and life of this project. Thinkinf of that past, but with eyes set in the future, Nenúfar Real presente itself different by the innovative aspects that introduces in its family concept. Betting on both exclusivity and modernity, in the knowledge and adequate technology, and its human team of young people focused to please the search of the more demanding consumers, lead us to presente a range of different products, with high quality.